Big things are happening in my life in the next while. I can’t hardly wait! I am so excited slash scared slash nervous slash multiple feelings for many reasons. I am so grateful to say however, that financially is not really one of them. Remember to pay yourself first! Build an emergency fund and save for your financial goals. I can’t stress how liberating it is.

Allow me to give you a run-down of my current situation.

  • I was laid off
    Yupp, my current place of employment has such an unknowing summer of what the employees can expect. Last year I was pretty busy right through (some employees were laid off) yet this summer I was met with shortage of work. After finishing the last job there was nothing available and I was told that I would be off until further notice.
  • I’m going back to school this fall 
    I have wanted to go back to school for quite some time. Knowing full well that I am not getting any younger, it is time for me to just dive in. This fall I will be starting my studies in business management at Grant Macewan University. I will be able to obtain a university diploma in 2 years, then I can decide if I want to further my education into any one of the 6 majors in the Bachelor of Commerce degrees. I’ve heard education is one of the better investments you can make in your life, and I am all about good investments.

Now given these circumstances, I am truly grateful that I am not concerned financially. Actually, as of tomorrow, I will even be sitting on the beach in Cancun! That’s right, I have decided to live a little opulent before tightening the reins even more on my budget…

Seriously think about what I just said. I’m not doing it to brag, but I was laid off from work and I am going to Cancun. I start school in the fall, yet I am taking a vacation in Cancun! It seems surreal; I should be worried, but saving has allowed me financial shelter and a little money I don’t mind using towards experiencing something exciting in my life! When you save money, you have the freedom to make these choices.

Having far surpassed my emergency fund goal, and not to mention the amount that I need for my (first year at least) tuition, I have set myself up for a comfortable means to live. As it stands: I can make it through (the first year easily at least) paid for books, tuition, rent and all other living expenses debt free. According to my calculations that may not be the case going into the second year without an income. I also want to keep my investments rolling (though I will be lowering the amount per fund to $25 a month–so I will need $100 per month for that) This is why I am going to put plan into action. I call it:

My University Income Plan

So what am I going to do while I am in school? Well the plan is simple really. It focuses on a couple of points:

1. Start a business

Yes, I will be going from wantrepreneurship to entrepreneurship. It just makes sense. Here’s why:

  • I will be providing more value than I feel I would serving drinks at a bar
  • It will (hopefully) allow for more time and flexibility in my schedule to focus on my studies
  • I can gain a lot more personal skills
  • Did I not to mention I am going to school for business? What better way to apply what I learn!?
  • The biggest part is changing lives through a healthy lifestyle. I get an overwhelming feeling of gratitude just thinking of the ability to do this

So what am I starting:


Personal Training services. Fitness has changed and continues to be a HUGE part of my life. I truly believe exercise and a healthy lifestyle is so important.

Awhile ago a friend of mine was studying for his Personal Fitness Training Certification through The National Academy of Sports Medicine or NASM. Taking a quick look through his text book I was mesmerized! The biomechanics of the body; NASM’s Optimum Performance Training model of program design; all of the terms associated with musculoskeletal movement and anatomy of the body. Everything was so enticing! I wanted to learn everything; so I enrolled. Every day after work and weekends I was engulfed in studying. Six months later, I wrote the exam that made me a certified personal trainer today.

How great of a feeling it will be to add value to the lives of others by sharing a lifestyle that adds so much value to my own. Truly looking forward to the next steps ahead.

2. Apply for any applicable scholarships

So many people I talk to have never applied for a single scholarship! Sure it takes work, but doesn’t anything for a reward? It’s sweat equity put in for the potential to have money rewarded to you! Why not apply!? I have already started an application and I intend to apply for more throughout my journey as a student.

3. Pick up any other odds and ends

Every once and awhile I get odd tasks. I’ve built a neighbour a shed; I’ve done some graphic design work; I have house-sat; not to mention I have probably more odd tasks I can’t even remember. Sometimes I throw up random ideas on the paper in my journal. Since I have been becoming more pro-active, if it’s worth my time (and not going to hinder my education) I will take action. You can even find little odds and ends on sites like Kijiji that has ads for daily jobs etc. Hell I’ll gladly shovel the whole block for college funding! (Not a bad idea living in Edmonton Alberta)

To summarize:

Saving money is crucial to avoiding problems from expected, as well as unexpected events in life. In my case, unexpected came as a job loss (pre-mature anyways as I thought I might get lucky and be working this summer). Expectedly, I have been preparing for the life changing event of furthering my education. Financially, I am feeling pretty awesome. Now dealing with the psychological adaptations of life changing events, I’m feeling pretty freaking stressed. But change is good, and it’s been long overdue.

I had better go to sleep. The plane will be boarding in only 8 hours…


Later Days!




3 Responses to Big Life Changes and How I Plan To Get Through School Debt Free

  1. Congrats on the new changes! More often than not, loss of a job is followed by negative reactions/thoughts. That’s huge that you’ve put yourself in the position financially to actually embrace you change in lifestyle, even it if was out of your hands. Living paycheck to paycheck is dangerous so congrats to you for thinking ahead of the game! Best of luck to this next chapter in your life!

    • Jason says:

      Thank you Naomi! It feels awesome to be ready for the change financially, even having come up short in my hopes of working straight through until school begins. I am certainly feeling the stress of stepping into a new chapter of my life however, but I’m sure it will pass. Then the stress of deadlines, exams and what not will surely take over.
      Jason recently posted…Why Renting Isn’t Such A Bad IdeaMy Profile

  2. That’s the way to do it. Be positive, motivated, determined, and always hope for the best. Keep it up!

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