Not gonna lie…

Preeettty hungover right now.

Yup, I know what your thinking. There’s something wrong with how I opened following the article’s title!

But it’s true!

A friend of mine who lives way out in the sticks, far far away from any sort of civilization; decided he was having a double kegger. Soooo after the long drive out to the country and the ten bucks I gave him for unlimited alcohol consumption, I was ready to get bucky. Loud music, a huge fire, competitive drinking games, and even a few keg stands. I got to see all of my high school friends that I haven’t seen in sooo long. We had a time! But now I’m really feeling the aftermath. Ugh…

I don’t get out much. I seldom drink at all anymore really. I spend most of my time playing my guitar, reading books, exercising, and trying to keep up with this blog while working full-time. Doesn’t really take a rocket scientist to figure out that I’m pretty lame.. But I have a bucket list full of goals that keeps me away from a bucket full of booze. These activities keep me occupied and away from the party lifestyle, so that’s probably a good thing, and I feel amazing (aside from right now of course)!

But Damnit! Every once and awhile, it’s nice to unwind! I can understand that.

The problem is when it becomes a habit. I mean, unless you’re a bombshell of a girl who has guys lining up to buy you drinks, then it’s going to get expensive. REALLY expensive. According to CAMH.caCanadians spend about $12.4 billion a year on alcohol. Crazy! All that money literally going down the drain. That hurts!

We pay big time for the booze we consume. The cost to retreat from the work/school life, meet new people, and potentially ‘hook-up’ with someone is certainly staggering. Think of pre-drinking, the cab fair, the drinks at the club in-between your sweaty dance floor sessions (if that’s your thing), and even the late night dirty donairs we eat. Like I said, I don’t get out that much. But I always feel the pain knowing what I spent to feel queasy the following morning.

A big factor I find is the psychological disadvantage we are at when we are out and about boozin. Money seems to disappear faster than it can make it out of the atms. Drink after drink digs into your wallet almost unknowingly. YOLO right? Our willingness to hand over hard earned money is seemingly higher when we are tearing it up in the night.

Take another friend of mine for example. Once he’s in a drunken state, he’s feeling pretty friendly. Have you ever heard that song ‘Shots’ by LMFAO? Well with him it really is: shots shots shots shots shots shots EVERYBODY! I have seen him throw down brown bills and line the bar table a few times. I can’t imagine the remorse I’d feel the next day pulling that stunt!

Hey it is fun to get out and get a little wild. I’m not saying don’t live a little. But I am pointing out it is expensive living a lot. If you have money worries and your out every weekend partying it up, well it might be a good idea to take up some other less costly activities. Just consider how much it costs going out, and if you can sacrifice a night or two you’ll probably see more money in your hands. You’ll also be in better condition health-wise. Arrrr this hangover sucks…


Later days,




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  1. Erica says:

    I agree that it’s a big waste of money

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