Do you wan’t to amass an abundance of wealth in no amount of time!? Do you dream of diving into a pool of wealth, that you magically created overnight!? Debt free, alll shortcuts, no work!? Do you want to quit your job tomorrow and know that you have financial freedom? Would you like to continue hearing other various annoying questions that spark your interest?

Yeah so does everyone with a heartbeat and a first name. Now calm that excitement you actually let build up reading that. Let’s get back to reality! I have no “Get Rich Quick” solution. If you find one email me at so I can get in on the action. Here’s the truth: It’s unlikely to happen. Unless you win the lottery (dream on), or get a nice inheritance (you’ll spend it anyways) the odds are against you. But don’t let that bring you down! You can do pretty well if you start making financially sound decisions for your future. If your still young perfect! Your willingness to start early will reap rewards for your future. If your in your older years, don’t think that you can’t start taking action now. Start today and your journey will be a prosperous one in the long run.

Who the hell am I to talk about money?

I wasn’t always very financially wise. The problem is that I wasn’t taught any better, nor was I willing to learn. It’s sad to think of what we don’t learn in school. Andrew Hallam knows what’s up! I always thought of financials complicated to understand. So rather than doing the bare minimum I just became really good at spending. It would be acceptable to say I have been pretty stupid. I’ve made mistakes that I’ve had to learn from. I have changed my habits and started taking action, learning about what I could do for a more prosperous future. I have a passion for personal finance, and I spend countless hours absorbing everything I can. I dig my head into numerous books on personal finance, business, investing, and so on. I have been on the wrong side of the fence, climbed over, and I continue to thrive on the other side. I believe I am entitled to my input.

So why this blog?

It’s so fun talking with friends about optimizing bank accounts, my hatred for some financial professionals (with good reason), index funds, and about as far as I get before that person decides they’d rather talk about something more socially acceptable. As you can tell I don’t have very many friends… But I love learning, researching, and sharing with anyone who’s willing to listen. Voilla! Start a blog! Talk about personal finance, where others welcome it, and hopefully we can make the topic fun! My jokes and stories have always been awful but maybe some will appreciate my advice. This is my attempt to help people take action for a better future. But in the words of the great Bruce Lee “Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.” Oh so wise you are Bruce Lee. Now watch how awesome he is here! POW! AMAZING! Anyways back on topic here…

Where should you start?

So where should you get started? I highly recommend that you get to know your spending habits. Think of this first step as “Awareness”. I know it does’t sound very exciting, but you’ll be surprised at how beneficial this will be. Keep receipts in a shoebox or wherever and log your spending into a notebook or spreadsheet at the end of each month. Have a description of what you spent your money on (rent/mortgage, utilities, gas, eating out, clothing, etc.) then add everything up at the end of the month. I started with a notebook on my table and I would update it often then discard the receipts. It’s a bit of work, but it’s important to know where your money goes and how you can improve. You’ll be amazed at how much your actually spending and where. Start taking interest in where your money goes, and I guarantee your spending habits will improve. You’ll start developing those financial muscles that have laid sedentary for quite some time. If your spending a lot each month in certain areas you know you can cut back on then do so. Figure out how you can cut costs where you overspend and build more of a surplus for saving. There are also various applications and websites that can help you keep track of your spending.

Just being aware is an important step. Get started today and you’ll be grateful you did. Create a habit to better understand your financials and you’ll be taking a good step towards a preferable future. You don’t have to keep logging your expenditures but at least do it for a few months to get a good idea of how much you typically spend and where. The knowledge of how much you spend vs. how much you make is something so beneficial that people are seldom aware of. Get started and you’ll be “flexing in the mirror” in no time!

Hope this helps!




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