Have you ever bought something and looked at how much it costs aside from monetary value?

Try it out next time you buy something. Just calculate how many hours it will take to afford your purchase.

For example, say you wanted to buy a Martin 000-15M Solid Mahogany Acoustic guitar. Maybe you don’t, but I would like to! So that’s what I’m rolling with.

It’ll run you around $1,175.00. Let’s pretend you make $25/hour to make math simple.

1,175/25 = 47 hours.

Well worth it in my opinion! Blissfully go buy your guitar! But of course you will also have to account other things like rent/mortgage, utilities, groceries, etcetera. Obviously you can’t live in your guitar, nor can you eat it. But you will be eating those tasty jams you’ll be rocking out with! Eh!? EH!?

Not funny…

Anyways make sure you accommodate for basic necessities, savings goals, and of course your other lifestyle costs before making big purchases… That’s my disclaimer.

Now say you wanted to buy a vehicle. You could put in the effort to find a reliable one for say $5000

5000/25 = 200 hours.

Not bad!

Or hey there’s a nice $40,000 truck up for grabs! Want to work for a little luxury instead?

40,000/25 = 1,600 hours

Ouch! The latter seems like slavery! Based on a 40 hour workweek at $25/hour that’s going to take you 40 weeks to pay it off! That’s not including your insurance, gas, maintenance costs, and not to mention the interest on the principal if you had to borrow the money. I think I might throw up…

Let’s put the first scenario under the microscope. If you find yourself a reliable car at $5000, it will take you 200 hours assuming a $25/hour rate. That’s only 5 weeks! 

I find bringing time costs into focus for purchases really has psychological advantages. If somethings worth the time and energy I put in during the daily grind, (with savings goals and living costs firstly considered) I will surely scoop it up. If I have to question whether I am willing to work for something I probably won’t spend money on it. It’s a great way of controlling your spending habits and being more conscious about chucking dollars around.


Do you have any similar methods you use? Comment below!


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  1. Luckily I don’t use my on line income as the base, or everything would take INFINITE time, but yes, I have tried to instill this to my kids as well (especially if they have tough Summer jobs).

    “That iPod just cost you 2 days working at the summer camp dealing with screaming kids, was it worth it?”
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