Home cooked meals are the shit

Really, they are. Not only are they usually healthier, and taste so much better; but they also save you a lot more of your hard-earned dollars.

But Jason, it’s so hard sometimes! With life and everything going on around me I just don’t always have the time or energy! Yeah, I get it. Your lazy. Now quit it! Seriously stop!

Alright, sometimes I feel your pain. But I do enjoy cooking; it’s mostly the cleaning up after where my laziness kicks in. But hey! I don’t own a dishwasher, gimme a break!

I find the cooking part rather soothing, and I’d step up and say I’m a better cook than any one of my friends. Probably YOU if I’m using money to convince you to start! But you’ll get better! And you’ll be saving money doing it!

How does that sound? Save money AND Build some skills! Sounds pretty freaking great to me!

Turning on some tuneage and sautéing up some seriously tasty shit is a great pastime. Trust me, the more you do it, the more you’ll learn to enjoy it. You’ll be taking recipes and enhancing them with your own personal spin-offs. You’ll drop unhealthy pounds and increase funds in the process. You’ll be a real chef at home.

Just do some google-ing and see what you can find to try out. Add any recipe ingredients to your shopping list and put your money there instead of going out to eat. You can easily search “cheap easy recipes” for example, or check out Greatist: 400+ Healthy Recipes (That Won’t Break The Bank). In today’s Interweb days resources are not limited in the least. FIND SOME EASY RECIPES AND GET STARTED! You’ll even impress your lady friend guys! (Take it from me, it’s a hell of a confidence boost!)

To Put This In Perspective…

Currently I am out-of-town for work. LONG hour days in the (finally) warm weather we’ve been seeing in Alberta has been making me exhausted. The shit hotel room I found and negotiated for a decent price to make more on my out-of-town allowance has been killing my creativity and jamming up my drive to write.  This evening however, I was sitting in my hotel room thinking about how much money I have saved this week. Hey! Write about why!

Usually when I go out-of-town, I work all day, return to my solitary confinement that is my hotel, shower, then head out with co-workers for supper. Having a meal and a refreshing beverage, I’ll easily spend over $20 bucks a night. Sometimes I’ll have breakfast at Tim Hortons (Garbage coffee; I love you Starbucks!) and that’ll add to the day’s eating out costs. I’ll assume around $7 goes to Tim Horton each day, and about $25 goes to supper.

$25 + $7 = $32

$32 x 4 = $128

Just in four days I will spend roughly 128 bucks just eating out. Shit! That’ll really add up on the duration of the job! Month’s of that? Sure I get an allowance, but I still have to get my own hotel room! I’d rather make more for having to be away from home!

This week, I’ve spent a total of $6.24 eating out.

I had breakfast one morning at Tim Horton’s.

Yup, way to go frugal guy. You’re doing well saving for your broke-ass college days (can’t wait).

I usually prepare lunches for the duration of my stay away from home. This time around I decided to also pick a simple meal and cook enough for supper. Holy schnikes! Doing this from now on! It’s so awesome just being able to come out of the shower and nuke up a pre-cooked meal and relax. I don’t have to wait for others to be ready. I don’t have to go over the indecisive “where are we eating tonight?” I don’t even have to sit and talk about work, because I really want to do that after working all day… I can just relax, enjoy my awesome re-heated cooking skills, and save some dollars. Deeecent!

Save money, chef at home. This is one of the biggest areas I think people can cut costs. Try it out!


Later days,



P.S. If you have some hot recipes of your own to share, or any great resources for cheap, healthy recipes I’m interested. Share with me down below! I’m always hungry…


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