Imagine holding a seed in the palm of your hand.

Really visualize it, sitting there.

As you stand over fresh nutrient-rich soil, you reach down and uncover some of the earth.

Slowly opening your hand, you release the seed into the ground and cover it with soil.

Dusting off your hands you turn around, and you walk away.

Your work is done.

Nature will now take it’s course and provide the essentials for that seed to grow into something beautiful.

It’s so fascinating how nature follows course exactly how it’s supposed to. It’s almost as if it’s on autopilot. Then there’s us people who are living so chaotically. We’re practically ripping hair out of the follicles in our scalps; trying to balance everything in our day-to-day lives.

On top of everything we’re suppose to focus on saving money? Get lost!

No you get lost!

Okay wait! There’s a simple way!

Save like nature.

Imagine that seed you planted in a year from now.

What happened?

It grew

When you planted that seed, nature took it’s course and a plant began it’s life.

What did you have to do to help it aside from getting it started?


Now imagine the same with your savings.

Imagine looking at your savings a year from now with the same effect.

How would it feel to have money that has grown just like the plant from that seed?

Pretty damn good!

Saving can be just as simple.

You can ‘plant a seed’ and leave it when it comes to your savings. Over time it will grow just like the plant has.

I’m talking about automation.

Has manually socking those dollars away been working for you? 

Have you kept up with a routine of transferring money into your savings? 

Or have there been times that you forgot and spent it instead?

As human beings we tend to over-complicate things it seems. It need not be that way! I’m telling you!

Try a new method. Put your savings on autopilot and you won’t even notice a difference; over time however, you will have some money saved without having to do any work! Just planting that seed is all the work you need to do.

Start small

Set up automatic contributions from your chequings account into a preferred savings vehicle. I’d recommend starting small; ideally choose an amount you think you’d feel comfortable with coming off of your income. If say you feel like you could knock a hundred bucks off of your paycheque then do exactly that (or anything at all; hell 10 bucks is better than none!). Set up the automatic transfer to come out of your chequings account the day following your payroll deposit. Then continue life as usual. If you don’t seem to notice any issues financially, why not bump it up a little? It’s as easy as phoning your financial institution or logging online and making the change. Over time I hope you will, and I expect you will be focusing on increasing income too so that amount should continue to rise. It will put into good practice saving without any effort, and also you may become more conscious at spending more within your means. Just think of the things you spend your money on that you really don’t need to, or essentially care for. Then quit spending on that stuff! You will be able to increase your contributions because of it, while still spending the remainder wherever you want to.

Remember: Spend less on stuff you know you don’t need and don’t actually want, save a little more, and continue spending on things that tickle your fancy!

That my friends, is what I believe to be a solid rule in personal finance.


Imagine holding a phone in the palm of your hand.

Really visualize it, sitting there. (Ha! You probably are holding your phone aren’t you!)

As you stand over the data-rich keypad, you reach down and uncover your financial institutions phone number.

Slowly lifting your hand, you release your voice into the speaker and explain that you would like to set up automatic contributions from your chequing account into a savings account.

Dusting off your hands you turn around, and walk away.

Your work is done. 

Okay now maybe it will differ, but for the purpose of re-enacting the earlier planting of the seed from a financial view-point, that’s how I went about it. You may have to physically go into your financial institution to set up an account (or just do the better option and set yourself up a Tangerine account where you can do this all online, I can’t get over how much I love these guys over my other bank; use My Orange Key if you’d like: 41391120S1 to take advantage of the referral program. It’s worth the look whether you sign up or not). But once it’s done it’s done! Essentially what you will want to do is set up automatic withdrawals from your chequing account into your savings. Don’t stress about where the money should be going for now, just get in the groove of saving period. Automation guys, it’s painless and involves hardly any involvement on your part. Just set it up, and earn your shillings that it can draw from.


How about that? Your saving money and it was freaking easy!


Later days,






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  1. Ramona says:

    Great article! I like the advice but also the way it’s written! Something different!

    Also, thanks for the Twitter follow!

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