Time passed and still I sat there waiting. It’d been awhile now, and frustration was starting to sink in. I was about to pull out my phone and make the call until something caught my eye. Pulling into the parking lot was a beautiful little chevy. It was complete with custom HID lights, a chrome grill package, and very nice rims. It was my buddy Chris.

Rolling down my window I waved to catch his attention. I was sitting there waiting in the gym parking lot for him. We planned to do a quick workout and grab some eats after to catch up. He backed in beside me.

“Decent! Thats a beautiful truck!” I said. It had been years since I have seen him and I admired his new wheels.

“Thanks bro! Hey nice car, you take that thing off any sweet jumps or what?” Was his sarcastic response.

“Hey asshole!” I continued, “This is a fine automobile!”

Laughing he asked “What made you decide to buy that thing?”

How dare he attack my trusted chariot. My 2004 Honda Civic may not be as nice as his truck, but it serves the same purpose, and at a much lesser price. I could rambled on about his piece of metal driving off the lot and depreciating in value dramatically. I could have ranted about the money wasted on all those custom accessories. The cost of insurance was definitely higher than that which I pay. Gas? Don’t even get started on the difference we’ll pay over time on fueling our mules! But I’m sure he wouldn’t have cared. His truck is NICE.

“I’m cheap!” I responded laughing.

You have a choice; Live frivolously now, or live frivolously later

First of all, I am not cheap. That was a joke. I prefer the term frugal. There is a difference! I just had to get that off my chest…

Now Let’s look at the grand scheme of things here. My buddy Chris has a sick ride, hands down. Myself, it’s a vehicle. (I don’t really have any great adjectives to boost it’s sexiness, it is what it is) Side by side the appearance factor of his truck is much greater than my car. But they both serve the exact same purpose. They get us from point A to point B. What is my advantage? Disposable Income. I have much more of it. Without any vehicle payments, and by having cheaper insurance, maintenance, and fuel costs, I have more dollars left over every month. I can save more, invest more, or even put it towards things like going out, travelling, etc. etc. It’s really a matter of how you decide to manage your money.

A vehicle is for most a need. It’s when people add a list of wants they drive up the cost of that need. Would I have told him not to buy that truck, and look at driving something less frivolous with less accessories? No, I wouldn’t have. He’s a big boy, what he want’s do with his money is his business. Personally, I love BMWs and I have dreams about owning an M3. Could I have one? Sure! Creditors make it so easy for me to have that want! But I would be paying out my ass for it. Financially speaking, I’m much more interested in the power of compound interest in investing my money instead. I’m young, I’ll gladly drive my little Honda Civic and put my money to better use. I’ll save the nice vehicle for later on in life, maybe a mid-life crisis or something after I’ve accumulated the money to do so.

Some points to consider:

  • A vehicle may be a need, but it doesn’t have to become an expensive want. An M3 would get me to work, but so will my Civic.
  • You don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles. A used base model car will do you just fine.
  • If you can avoid being frivolous now, you’ll have more to be frivolous with later.
  • The less you have going towards a vehicle, the more you’ll be able to save, and have for other experiences (travel, going out with friends, etc.).
  • Just because your friends have something shiny, doesn’t mean that you need something shiny as well. Don’t let their buying decisions influence yours.

I hope this helped. I’ll also leave you with something you might be interested in. Do a quick google search of Warren Buffett and his choice in automobiles. As one of the wealthiest people in the world, what he drives may surprise you.






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