Here’s an interesting thought:

Would you rather appear to be wealthy, or would you rather actually be wealthy

I’m not saying having both is impossible. Personally I think making the sacrifices earlier, and working hard to increase your income and assets over time will allow the luxury of both. With that lies persistence and hard-work ethic. It requires an earlier understanding of financial matters and becoming responsible with how you use your money. Instead of pursuing a new loan or spending on frivolous things; that money can be used to invest in your future. Let me write something in bold here for you to comprehend:

Each time you decide not to spend or pursue a new loan you are investing. You are investing in YOUR FUTURE.

Now here’s the take-away. We live in a society where people are ranked by the car they drive, the shoes on their feet, and the material goods they’re surrounded with.

“Wow that’s a nice house. The Rogers are certainly doing well!”

“James just bought a new Cadi; Damn he must be rich!”

Well maybe ’The Rogers’ can hardly afford to put food on the table with the massive mortgage payments they have to make. Maybe James is just making a car salesman richer by signing a deal to finance a vehicle well out of his means. Who knows?!

What I’ve discovered is that it is actually more likely for someone who lives modestly and within their means to be wealthier than someone surrounding themselves with ‘big-ticket’ luxury items. While the latter appears to have all the richness, what you might not know is that they are deeply indebted to financial institutions or other forms of consumer credit. Remember, it’s not hard to borrow money you don’t have to obtain pretty things.

Remember when you were just a kid and you would pretend to be invisible?

Do you?

Well play invisible again. Only this time with your money!

The concept I am talking about is invisible wealth.

People can see spending, consuming, and building debt. They can’t see saving, investing, and building net worth.

It’s kind of funny to think of even writing that. We see others with fancy stuff and think of it in terms of having money. In reality it can be quite the opposite. The fancy stuff is actually having money spent. Then we see others who don’t own the flashiest things and view them as being broke. In all actuality it could be quite the opposite, they’ve just been smarter managing their money.

Fancy could = Broke

Modest could = $$$

Being invisible was cool as a kid. Don’t think that it’s not now that your an adult!

So when you’re out looking for a new vehicle, buying a home, or anything frivolous for that matter; just remember you’re the only one who’s going to know of you’re actual worth. Live within your means, you don’t need to impress people around you by having the latest and greatest crap. Look out for yourself and don’t buy into society’s false ranking system perceiving material goods as richness!


Have you ever thought of people to be wealthy because of material possessions? Comment below!


Later Days!



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