Read this before you go out and build a massive boat.

So as the story goes, The almighty God himself instructs this gentlemen (Noah) to build an Ark. He warns him of an impending catastrophe, where the world will fill like a giant toilet bowl. The story goes on with the ark being afloat in a world fully submersed with water, until the flood recedes and Noah’s ark comes to a stop on Mount Ararat. There have been multiple variations of the story, and even though I love Steve Carell I think Evan Almighty was awful…

Anyways, I’m here to tell you to build an ark. FIGURATIVELY speaking, you’re going to prepare for a flood. What the hell am I talking about?

An Emergency Fund

Alright bust out your radio, turn on some heavy metal, Barry Manilow, or whatever it is that you listen to and get building. There’s a flood coming! Well maybe not. If there is though, wouldn’t you like to be prepared? Yeah you would. Were going to look into building an ark and filling it with animals, so you’re not scrambling when and/if a flood comes.

  • Building your ark = Opening a savings account to be used for the sole purpose of an emergency
  • Filling it with animals = Filling it with dollars

Why do you need an emergency fund? Well it’s kind of self-explanatory. Did you guess in case of an emergency? Congratulations, you win! What do you win? Peace of mind for you and potentially your family if you have one of those. You could lose your job, have unexpected medical expenses, home or auto repairs could potentially arise. You could also have a sudden family emergency, or one of those highly talked about zombie apocalypses could occur. Wait!? A zombie apocalypse? Yes, a freaking zombie apocalypse! How would an emergency fund help you in a zombie apocalypse you might ask? Well I think the zombies would be saying, “That person was financially thinking! We should give him/her a pass.” See that? Your brains are safe from a zombie feast just by having an emergency fund!

In all seriousness however, life happens and something could come out nowhere. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some funds you could draw from rather than having to use credit? If you answered “Yes” you win again! (Your getting pretty good at this aren’t you?) How do you determine whats enough? Experts advise 3-6 months worth of living expenses. That’s a great reason to start tracking your expenses now isn’t it? ‘The experts’ did advise it! So open up a savings account and start contributing to it. In the meantime, download my custom spreadsheet template for Numbers here and keep an eye on where your money is going. If you don’t have numbers, just keep your receipts, write all your expenses down, and add it up at the month’s end. It’s best if you can average it out over a few months. It’s a good habit to track spending anyways, so get on it! Once you are aware of how much it costs you to live per month, multiply that by x amount of months your planning on saving for. Voilla! Save that amount and your safe from impending doom. Thumbs up for being prepared!

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