Wow it’s the about page! This is where I’m supposed to wow people with amazing tidbits about myself and why they should listen to me.

My name is Jason, and I am a dummy.

Off to a great start aren’t we?

Well ok, I used to be anyways. Personally I like to think that I have gained a little intelligence, especially when it comes to money. Sometimes I’m shy and introverted (I get that from my father); other times I am outgoing and weird (that’s from my mother). I should also point out that I can go beyond the two and just be annoyingly obnoxious (that’s just me). I don’t like smiling in photos, hence why I make a lot of weird faces. I grew up in the 90’s with the Fresh Prince and the best music there is. Anyone from that decade is now saying “You’ve got that right!” I drink more coffee than anyone should, read a lot of books, play guitar for hours, and I also enjoy picking up heavy things and putting them down *flexes. In a nutshell, that’s who I am.

Now financially: I have done some overconsumption (once as a 16 year old with a tab at work, I had a negative paycheque!) and I have done that debt thing. Not very fun at all!

It’s a lot like that movie the Conjuring. Spending a night in that house would be quite similar to the financial fears and anxiety ridden feelings faced with debt. As you can tell I am pretty good at over-exaggerating things.

Anyways, I figured it out and paid all of my debts. After that I continued stuffing money under the mattress (not literally in that location) and to my surprise it started to grow substantially! Cool, I feel pretty good. Now what?

Feeling rather intimidated by financial institutions I decided I would read a little before I walked in, fully clueless of what to do with my funds. I figured I’d dabble a little bit in Personal Finance and I’d be ready to sit down and discuss things like mutual funds with a professional. It didn’t exactly work out that way…

Instead of reading a little, I started to read A LOT. By doing this great things were happening. While trying to learn more about investing I also became a lot more conscious about money in general. It’s quite funny actually; I went from trying to learn a little bit about what a financial advisor at my bank would be talking about to not even having that sit down at all. I ended up instead visiting a TD Canada Trust branch to open a Direct Investing account so I could set up a web brokerage account for access to their lovely low fee e-Series Index Funds. If your quite lazy like me and want to invest, that’s the best way to start!

For Funds Sake came about with the frustration towards money in mind. It’s such a taboo subject, but I think we need to get it out in the open. I mostly write for Generation Y; the 20-something year olds, and whoever else is willing to listen. If anyone can gain from some of the articles I write, that makes me happy-and-I-know-it-clap-my-hands.

If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate!


Twitter: @For_Funds_Sake